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Z-Roller Lite, the perfect travel masseuse, weight of only 6 kg, provides deep sports massage, faster recovery and allows you to maintain and increase your training.The machine is designed primarily for massage under feet, legs and hamstrings, easy to carry on training sessions, airplanes, trains etc. It is easy to transport and can be connected to the car's cigarette lighters, run 2 hours on battery or a regular power outlet.Thus, it is perfect to bring to your training session, so the restart can start immediately after training. Max load are 30 kg

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Z-Roller Lite, your perfect travel masseuse!
The easy-to-use design with carrying handle and only 6. kg of weight makes it easy to put in the car, taken in on the plane, or taking part in a training trip.

Z-Roller Lite provides efficient and intensive sports massage. It provides transverse massage and circular massage while stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation. It can be used equally easily in the car seat, on the plane, on the train or between the workouts in the ¨saddle¨. It weighs only 6 kg and it can be connected to the 220 volt system at home, to 12 volts in the car or run 2 hours on battery.

The Z-Roller Lite is perfect for massaging under the feet, 2 calves or one hamstrings at a time.

Z-Roller satisfies the need for regular massage.

The control panel has been moved to the top of the machine, and the start/stop and speed control are assembled in one switch.

Z-Roller Lite gives the best results when used regularly after exercise, as well as before exercise if you are packed in muscle or tired with a cramp.

Z-Roller Lite can be used at 3 different speeds, providing customized massage to each user.

Z-Roller Lite is NEMKO approved.

Z-Roller Lite has an aesthetic design

Z-Roller Lite has low sound and can be used undisturbed in any room in the home.

Z-Roller Lite consists of small massage wheels. The wheels are covered with a thin elasticized pull that can easily be removed and washed.

Z-Roller Lite stops after 20 minutes. It is convenient if the user falls asleep during the good massage or forgets to turn off the machine.

Z-Roller Lite is designed to withstand 30 kg load. Load should be done carefully and not with heavy movements. Too fast loads can damage the drive.

At this point you can try the product out at “Löplabbet” in Norway, but we are soon to launch the product for sale in other parts of Europe and USA.

The machine can also be bought directly on zenproducts.no

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 54 × 26 × 45 cm
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2 reviews for Z-Roller Lite

  1. Jan Gisle Berger (verified owner)

    Hei. Jeg kjøpte Zen-Roller Lite for et par måneder siden, og er stor fornøyd. Jeg har slitt med store smerter i begge legger i 30 år, men etter å ha brukt denne maskinen hver dag siden innkjøpet, er smertene så og si borte!! Helt utrolig! Jeg har også det siste året fryst bestandig på føttene, men i natt måtte jeg faktisk ta av meg mine faste følgesvenner, nemlig raggsokkene! Ser du er ute etter noen som kan svare på noen spørsmål til Norges Idrettshøyskole, så det gjør jeg gjerne. Så tusen takk for oppfinnelsen!!
    Med vennlig hilsen Kaj Norderud, Jessheim.

  2. Jan Gisle Berger (verified owner)

    Hello. I bought Zen-Roller Lite a few months ago and am very pleased. I have struggled with great pain in both calves for 30 years, but after using this machine every day since the purchase, the pain is so to say gone !! Amazing! I have also been frozen on my feet for the past years, but last night I had to actually take off my regular companions, the raggs socks!. Thank you so much for the invention !!
    Best regards, Kaj Norderud, Jessheim.

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